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GF Engineering was established in 1973 with a focus to provide excellence in pipe fabrication. In 1999 we established our ISO 9001 and ISO 3834 Pt: 2 accreditation. Our commitment was to provide a comprehensive range of specialist pipe fabrication services to the Oil, Gas, Chemical, Power Generation and Mining markets within Western Australia.

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GF Engineering
39 Lionel St
Naval Base, W.A 6165
(08) 9410 1615


Quality Performance

ISO 9001 accredited

Every order is documented from the moment material is received into our facility. We integrate and monitor all areas of the fabrication process to ensure jobs are regularly checked from the beginning through to successful completion. All material certification, testing methods, inspection reports and surface treatment documentation is compiled into a final MDR. We’re very proud of our reputation and the reason why we never compromise on quality regardless of the competition. We’re a committed team with long term serving employees who are all true experts in their own field.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

ISO 3834 pt 2 accredited

We have always recognised the importance for a standalone QA and QC department to ensure strict compliance and quality control with ISO 9001. We have also developed our unique numbering system to register and monitor all phases of delivered materials for permanent traceability. Our MDR documentation is comprehensive, but can also be custom designed upon the client’s request. Our fully dedicated QA/QC certified inspectors monitor each phase of the various processes in real time to ensure strict guidelines are met in accordance with ISO 9001 & 3834 certification. Our in-house QA/QC manager will ensure your work is systematically collated to certify your order is supplied in full & on time with all the correct and appropriate documentation.



Safety Health Environment Management System

Safety is paramount for all our employees. We have a detailed and comprehensive safety, health, environment and management system to ensure everyone is kept safe.   We are fully committed to the safety of our employees as well as ensuring all procedures comply with the current legislation and/or standards. The direction and leadership of management will always insist that every job can be done safely.   Each employee and contractor recognises the care, responsibilities and obligations to work safe. We believe all injuries are preventable, so regular toolbox meetings and safety audits are a way of life to ensure everyone goes home safe.


GF have always been at the forefront of any project, so our commitment is to ensure we support our customer's best interests. Having the capability of a day & night shift allows greater versatility to schedule and prioritise jobs. If breakdowns occur, we can consult, on site measure, fabricate and install the item promptly pending the size and complexity of the scope. We are also able to supply qualified welders to clients for specialised repairs or services. Our unique capability to respond quickly to breakdowns has delighted many clients over the years with our ability to genuinely save costs and reduce lost productivity.

Employment Opportunities

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Client Testimonials

  • "After giving approval to go ahead, the screen box was picked up from site, repaired and delivered by GF Engineering & back to site within 2 hours. This level of service on this occasion certainly prevented further losses in the order of $28.5k. This is just one example of how this supplier consistenntly saves this site money due to the high level of personal service. With short notice they still deliver."

    Refinery Productions Supervisor
  • "Without doubt, the project was faced with many challenges with regards to survey information, shop detailed isometric drawings, unusual tolerance requirements, timescale, costs and extended working hours and as such full credit must be conveyed to the GF Engineering team assigned to the project for the commendable efforts in delivering a quality job, safely and on time."

    Pluto HUC Pipe Fabrication Manager
  • "Everything was installed yesterday afternnon and fittied like a glove! Thanks for all of your hard work on this one, it's greatly appreciated."

    Refinery - Area Engineer

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